Sandcastle Waterworld - Britain's Largest Indoor Waterpark

Lynmoore Guest House is just a few minutes' walk away from Sandcastle Waterpark. This is one of Blackpool's favourite indoor attractions which is especially ideal when the sun decides not to come out to play! Mark would always recommend you book your day in the Sandcastle at least one day in advance via their own website as this will always guarantee your entry regardless of the queues! There is also a 10% discount when you book online.

Sandcastle Waterpark has more than 18 slides and attractions including Water slides, Fun pools, Wave machine, Lazy river, water chutes plus snack bars, arcades, swim shop and so much more. Sandcastle is a fantastic day out for Families with children of any age where unforgettable birthday parties can also arranged.

Just take a look at all these Slides and Attractions which are sure to keep everybody in the whole family amused for hour after hour:

  • AztecFalls - Newly opened in 2012
  • Montazooma - Also newly opened in 2012 - Not for the faint hearted-you have been warned!
  • Duelling Dragons - Fast and Furious, are you brave enough?
  • Shimmering Shallows - A safe Haven for those with Tots and Toddlers
  • Treetops Water Chutes - Nice gentle Three Lane ride where you can challenge your Family & Friends or just the person in the next lane to race to the bottom!
  • Ushi-Cushi River Creek - A Favourite with all the family as this lazy River does all the hard work with some surprises along the way.
  • Fort Riptide - Another ride for those too young to brave the bigger rides, based in Shimmering Shallows with little slides and gentle water cannons, it's sure to keep the infants amused!
  • Sidewinder - The world's first indoor white knuckle sidewinder and it is here in Blackpool! Dare you take the near vertical drop and be left to the unforgiving mercy of Gravity?
  • Typhoon Lagoon - When the tune booms then get ready for the high tide in the wave pool!
  • Caribbean Storm Treehouse - No less than 25 Interactive Water Games which unbelievably includes a giant Coconut which slowly fills to the top and then tips 600 gallons of water over your head. Plus Water Cannons, Jets and Blasters.
  • Thunderfalls Waterslide - Gigantic Thrills and Spills as you descend around turn after turn! Real 'Heart in your Mouth' stuff!
  • HMS Thundersplash - Climb on board the ship in the Shimmering Shallows where you will find Cannons and Jets
  • Master Blaster - And last but certainly by no means least! No less than 250 metres of eye popping White Knuckle! The longest indoor Rollercoaster Waterslide in the World and yet again the UK's favourite Seaside Resort has got it! Raft riders are propelled at amazing speeds upwards (Yet another world first for Blackpool) and then once they reach the summit there is only one way and that is DOWN the other side!

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