South Pier Rides and Laughing Donkey Family Bar, Blackpool

Lynmoore Guest house is just 5 minutes walk to the South Pier where you will find so much to do. There are rides for all the family from SeaWorld and Carousel for the younger Children to Waltzers and Log Flume for Teenagers and Adults who wish to be kids again. Then there are the Heart stopping 'Adults only' rides such as Spider Mountain and Gyro Loop plus many more!

Pier Funfair Rides

Sky Coaster - An absolutely eye popping thrill-a-second ride as you and up to two other people take a drop from over 110ft high which starts with you free falling and swinging to within just a few feet of the South Pier decks at a Heart pumping 75+ Miles per Hour......and then there is more but you don't really want us to spoil the surprise now do you? Visit the South Pier website to print a voucher which saves you £5 off this ride.

Spider Mountain - Reach the top of the Spiders web and you will be treated to the most awesome views of Blackpool Promenade and South Pier. But is really as easy as that? Beware the pitfalls and keep your nerve! £1 Saving on admission when visiting South Pier Website. This is just two of the adrenalin pumping 'Adults only' rides you will find on South Pier when you visit what is widely regarded as the Smallest and most Vibrant of Blackpools' three piers (Central Pier and North Pier are the other two).

Children's ride include Waltzers, Dodgems, Log Flume, Mini Miami, Carousel, Breakdance and lots, lots more fabulous rides to keep all the family amused all day long.

And that's not all when Mum and Dad are in need of a rest and can leave the kids to their own amusement, or indeed the whole family have exhausted every fairground ride, stalls, shops and arcades there is South Piers very own family friendly pub............

Laughing Donkey Family Bar

Entertainment for all the family is guaranteed here every night during the Summer Season and October School Holidays plus Illumination Weekends.

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